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Welcome to Teleste

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Terms and Conditions:

Shipping & Delivery
Delivery dates are quoted without engagement, although every endeavour will be made to adhere to them. In no circumstances will we be liable for delay in delivery arising from any cause beyond
our control. Offers "ex stock" are subject to the goods being unsold at the time of receiving the order. All delivery times are calculated from the date of acceptance of the order or from the date upon
which all outstanding technical details are resolved, whichever is the later.

Privacy & Security
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Returns & Replacements
No credit will be allowed on goods returned without authorisation. A deduction will be made from credits issued on all returned material to cover cost of handling.
We will make good by repair or replacement any defects in goods not caused by wear and tear, accident, misuse or neglect provided :
(1) That such defects are brought to our notice not later than 12 months from the date the goods were first despatched and
(2) That no unauthorised repair or replacement has been previously carried out or attempted.
We do not guarantee the products of other manufacturers which form part of the goods of our manufacture, but will pass on to our customer the full benefits we have received in respect of
guarantees offered by such other manufacturers in respect of their goods.
(3) The goods are returned to us by the Purchaser, carriage paid, and are collected by him at his cost when the repairs have been completed.
This guarantee is given in lieu of any warranty implied by Statute or otherwise and our liability thereunder is expressly limited to the cost of the repair or replacement made by us to our order.
Unless stated to the contrary, we undertake to implement manufacturer's guarantee in accordance with their published statements.
Purchaser's remedies for any defects in the materials are subject to any limitations contained in manufacturer's terms and conditions to the Seller. A copy of such terms and conditions will be
furnished upon written request. Seller's liability shall be limited to either repair or replacement of the goods or refund of the purchase price all at Seller's option, and in no case shall Seller be liable
for incidental or consequential loss.

All prices quoted are those ruling at the time of ordering. We reserve the right to change prices ruling at the date of despatch of equipment from factory door. In the case of imported goods, prices
are inclusive of insurance, freight and handling charges from country of origin and are based on current foreign exchange rates. Unless stated otherwise, prices include import duty, levies or other
taxes which may be in force at the time of landing. We reserve the right to adjust prices as necessary to cover any alterations in exchange rates between date of quotation and date of delivery.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions
PRICING & PAYMENTS: For purchases made using a credit account, settlement terms for goods supplied are strictly net 30 days following date of invoice unless otherwise agreed. PROMOTIONS: CEDIA 2016 10% discount is subject to availability and excludes all solutions, hospitality products and home control solutions. This offer also excludes AV data cables and Vantage home automation products.