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DOCSIS Access Hub - Mini-CMTS

The DAH is a Mini-CMTS used for extending the IP network inside hospitality properties by utilising the existing coaxial cabling. It is an innovative and economical method which will bring HSIA to every room and upgrade the network capacity for IPTV and other on-demand online video services.

Trouble-free performance with “plug and leave” technology


The advanced design of this mini-CMTS ensures a trouble free performance without complications, and the IP54 rated casing ensures that no dust or dirt ever gets into the unit, allowing it to be installed anywhere in the building.


Free capacity allocation and easy service management


The DAH provides a capacity of 800 Mbps downstream and 160 Mbps upstream, in order to support diverse business models and provide a high-quality service. It also enables the capacity to be divided evenly among all subscribers or alternatively, some subscribers can be allocated with a fixed capacity (the allocation can be freely configured on the easy-to-manage user interface).


The intuitive design of the system enables simple management and configuration of IPTV services, VLAN’s and bandwidth management by using either the inbuilt CLI or extensive Web GUI platform.


Remote management and monitoring are also available by SNMP.




DOCSIS Access Hub brings high-speed broadband connections and broadcasts TV direct to your customers.





Frequently Asked Questions:

What is DOCSIS?

• Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification is the International standard for sending and receiving IP data over a single coax cable.
• It is already used to deliver the Internet and TV services to over 100 Million homes by Cable TV operators worldwide.
• When used in a hospitality environment DOCSIS enables the existing TV cables to deliver high-speed Internet access to every TV point in a property.

What does the DAH do?

The DAH is a transparent media converter that sends and receives data over the coax using a signal similar to DVB-T. In IP terms it is nothing more than a managed switch that is connected by coax instead of CAT cables.

Why should I use the coax network?

Re-cabling a building can be very costly, time-consuming, disruptive and in older properties that are listed or have asbestos the option of re-cabling may not be available. This cable also has none of the limitations of CAT cables - it can be split, tapped, extended and amplified with no limitations on distance.

Will using the coax network affect the regular TV signals?

No, the coax cable has a huge amount of unused bandwidth because TV signals only fill around one-third of the pipe! Our products can simultaneously deliver both IP and coax TV networks to each room

DAH DAH100 - A DOCSIS solution

Coax Cable





Additional Hardware

Additional Hardware:

To transfer the DOCSIS signals being sent through the coax network back into data signals a cable modem is required to be connected to every TV point.


Cable modem:

Technicolor TC4210


The TC4210 is a EuroDOCSIS 3.0 cable gateway introducing the next generation in high-speed data services. This cable solution offers next to four bonded upstream channels and 16 bonded downstream channels for wired download speeds of up to 880 Mbps. This device enables operators to offer customers even faster broadband access as well as on-demand IPTV services.
Teleste is able to supply the Technicolor TC4210 (please contact your local sales manager for a quote).


WiFi hotspot:

Ruckus Zoneflex C110


The ZoneFlex C110 combines a Wave 2 access point, a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and an Ethernet switch to deliver wired and wireless connectivity over coaxial cable
When used with a Teleste DAH the C110 can be installed at every TV point in a property, enabling the coax cable to deliver High-speed Ethernet Data, without interfering with the existing TV signals.


TV with a built-in cable modem:

Samsung HE694 TV


This TV with an embedded DOCSIS® 3.0 cable modem enables interactive and SMART functionalities without the need for an external modem, streamlining installation and management. You get compatibility with Samsung content management solutions, SmartHub Apps, Bluetooth Music Player, DIAL, Screen Mirroring and more. An Ethernet bridge (LAN Out) enables additional connections with IP devices.

The embedded DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem enables full IP connection over the existing coax that supplies the TV signal; enabling the convenient management content of H-Browser application, Samsung LYNK® SINC 3.0 and Samsung LYNK REACH® 4.0 (IP).

 Technicolor Modem

Ruckus c110

Samsung HE694


Please note: Teleste are unable to supply the Samsung HE694 Hospitality TV and the Ruckus Zoneflex C11

Video Tutorials:

 Video One: Introduction to our DOCSIS solution

 Video 2: Inside the Teleste Mini-CMTS

  Video Three: The RF Network

 Video Four: Additional Hardware


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