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Luminato - Headend in a box

Luminato - a Headend in a box

The Luminato

What is the Luminato?

A Headend in a box designed to manage content from multiple sources!

What does it do?

The Luminato Headend takes in multiple signals from a satellite, aerial, cable and local IP sources (such as Freeview, Freesat, and Arabsat); it then retransmits those signals through the existing cable infrastructure of the hotel TV services. This device is modular, so it can take multiple input signals and has the ability to switch between the sources providing failover options. 


The Luminato IPTV platform provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for live content processing for CATV, OTT, and/or IPTV delivery. This is a TV headend and is the most compact, reliable and efficient headend platform for terrestrial, cable and IPTV services in the industry. Luminato boasts a failure rate as below 0.3%.



Headend Modularity enables effectivity


The chassis has been divided into six processing module slots. The module slots can be equipped with any combination of available Luminato receivers and output modules depending on the application requirements. All modules can be hot-swapped and auto configured, minimising service outage. Due to internal switch, the need for cabling is minimised resulting to simple and cost-effective installation.


The chassis has two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with electrical or optical SFP modules for IP payload traffic. Both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 with SD and HD are supported, suitable for IP-centric Cable TV and IPTV networks.





Receive content from various sources


Teleste Luminato receivers provide best of breed receiving platform for Cable TV and IPTV operators. The receivers enable flexible selection of free-to-air and scrambled services from DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, DVB-ASI, DVB-C or IP sources, which can be adjusted to the operator’s service line-up with the built-in advanced transport stream processing capabilities.


Satellite and terrestrial receivers are available as quad-receiver model or dual-receiver model with DVB descrambling. All Luminato module slots furnished with quad-receivers enable having up to 24 receivers in one RU chassis. As one receiver can process multiple services per receiver, a number of received services can be vast.  The optional descrambling uses DVB Common Interface modules flexibly supporting a large variety of Conditional Access Systems.



Content ingestion in various formats


Luminato output modules are available for DVB-ASI, COFDM, and QAM and they enable flexible multiplexing of SPTS and MPTS video services as well as PSI/SI table streams. Luminato comes with two integrated IP ports which means saving space and cost as a separate module is not needed.


The output modules support a selection of free-to-air and scrambled services from IP stream sources, which can be adjusted to the operator’s service line-up with the built-in advanced transport stream processing capabilities. All the modules support Standard Definition and High Definition video in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC video formats and numerous audio formats.



Unparallel usability and reliability


The intuitive user interface makes management of Luminato effortless – everything is visible in a single graphical view, and administrators can add new services just by drag and drop. This eliminates a lot of the manual configuration work and provides network administrators with an easily understandable view of their network. Network management has never been this easy before; you can set up a service in few minutes, and yet you have access to all DVB finesses.


Teleste Luminato headend platform is mature and most comprehensive headend platform with installed base of thousands of active devices. Luminato has proofed to be one of the most reliable headend platforms on the market. There are thousands of devices operational across the world serving subscribers with tens of thousands services around the clock. Yet, the failure rate has proofed to be as low as 0.3 %.




What is IPTV?

The Luminato and IPTV:



IPTV are channels that are delivered over an Ethernet connection. The TV signal is sent as data, rather than a regular TV signal that you would receive from an aerial or satellite dish. It  is traditionally delivered over CAT5/6 cable network, requiring either a small set-top box or an IPTV decoder to be built into the TV screen.

One of the key advantages is that an IPTV system can deliver the viewer a much wider range of channels than they would normally get from the local broadcaster - these might include foreign language channels from other countries or additional pay TV services.


At the Headend of the system, a controller is required - this collects all of the different sources of the TV channels, these might include:
• Satellite broadcasts from multiple different satellites
• Cable TV channels
• Free to Air services
• Content delivered over the internet
• Locally generated TV channels such as Hotel information


The Teleste Luminato is an advanced digital Headend (IPTV controller). Its modular design that allows the owner to insert modules for each type of signal delivery that is required, saving cost and space.


The intelligence in the Luminato allows the owner to select the exact channels and internet feeds that they require, for example: excluding shopping channels and +1 services. This leaves the hotel the availability to replace them with more guest friendly and appealing channels in other languages.


Guests are able to easily choose content and understand what is available, an electronic programme guide ( EPG in IPTV speak), can be created, so that the guest gets a seamless viewing experience, just as they do on their home TV or set top box. In order to output the TV channels over the local internet connection, the Luminato converts all of the selected incoming TV signals into a data stream. The gigabit Ethernet output of the Luminato is then fed into a data switch, and distributed around the building via the data network.


In order to decode these data streams, a set-top box is required to provide the link between the data cable coming into the room and the TV screen. Modern hospitality TV screens now have this IPTV decoder built into them, making them a simple one box solution. The viewer simply chooses and changes channels as if they were enjoying their own TV at home, but can access a much wider range of content and programming such as other languages, local TV feeds, hotel information etc.


To further simplify the install and remove the time and expense of installing a CAT5/6 cable network to each room, the IPTV data can be sent over the existing coax cable that Is used to deliver the traditional TV signals to each room, (this will not effect the delivery of those channels), using DOCSIS. The world wide standard for sending IP Data down a simple piece of coax TV cable.


A Headend in a Box


  • - Made in Finland
  • - Low power consumption
  • - Optimal DVB streams
  • - Intuitive user interface
  • - Several redundancy levels
  • - High reliability with < 0,3 % failure rate
  • - Variety of input and output modules
  • - High quality of service ensured by ProMPEGFec module
  • - Full featured EPG module
  • - Realistic view to module composition
  • - Drag and drop services with multiple selections
  • - Simple and intuitive navigation
  • - Device status at single glance
  • - Playlist view to all available channels
  • - Search available for easy finding of all services


Luminato Module Cards



Multi - Receiver

The multi-receiver is a compact and multifunctional module for Cable TV and IPTV operators. The quad multi-standard receiver module supports DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2X, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, ISDB-T, ITU-T J.83 A/B/C and IP standards.

It can be used to receive payload via satellite, terrestrial, and cable networks and via IP inputs, either encrypted or free to air. All input alternatives are enabled with software and available without additional software keys/licenses.


Application Module


Application Module

Luminato application module brings full-featured Linux computer to a headend platform. It interfaces seamlessly with Luminato just as all the other Luminato modules. The module is equipped with Linux OS which makes it robust and allows familiar software programming tools for application development.


The module has two gigabit ethernet ports and dedicated ports both for management and streaming payload in or out of the module. It comes also with USB port and a slot for microSD memory cards.


IP Module


IP Multiplexer Module

Luminato IP multiplexer enables flexible multiplexing of SPTS and MPTS video services and also PSI/SI table streams. The multiplexer is ideal for an IP-centric headend to create MPTS at the main headend and send them through to IP network to remote headends.


 EPG Module

EPG Module

The EPG module is fully compatible with the high-performance Luminato chassis, where it can be fitted freely to any of the six module slots. The EPG module creates full EPG information including present/following and schedule for actual and other transport streams.

Luminato Headend to Samsung LYNK™ SINC

Luminato EPG Module and Samsung LYNK™ SINC/REACH

The Luminato EPG and Samsung LYNK™ SINC/REACH integration has been created in co-operation with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Enabling hotels and hospitality operators to enhance their guest service experience by providing rich, up-to-date EPG information to the in-room TVs.


This alliance aims to offer hotel managers and hospitality operators solutions that provide their guests with premium quality TV services in a flexible, cost-efficient and easy-to-use manner.


The in-room entertainment is one of the most important elements in the hotel room. By enabling Internet-based services through in-room TVs and delivering top-quality content such as (4K) ultra high-definition (UHD) video, hotels can provide an attractive, premium level entertainment experience that keeps guests coming back.




The Luminato EPG to Samsung LYNK™ SINC solution creates a flexible tool that allows guests to locate and enjoy program content through their in-room TVs. The combined solution provides hotel and hospitality operators with several benefits, including:

    • Rich EPG information:
    • The solution creates rich EPG information, including information about present and following programs, and a schedule for actual and other transport streams. It also allows operators to control the playout rate and schedule, and also to define languages in the order of priority for the EPG stream.
    • Flexible access to a variety of EPG data sources:
    • Electronic information can be gathered from various sources, including satellite, cable, terrestrial, Internet and XML connections, and automatically converted for successful delivery through Samsung’s LYNK™ SINC platform.
    • Uninterrupted and reliable service:
    • With an average success rate of nearly 99.7 percent across thousands of global devices, the Teleste Luminato has also proven to be one of the most reliable headends on the market. The Luminato EPG module includes a storage database that houses the electronic program information. This convenient feature helps reduce services outages, as it makes data available regardless of the availability of the external EPG service.

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